The things that make you smile.

Sick things which induce humor, is it sarcasm? Why does it entertain me so much.

Sing about the things that make you smile:
“I love the sound of rain,
Wearing a hat and cane,
Tiffany window panes lovely to see..
Frost on a windowsill,
The feel of a dollar bill.
Vacations in Brazil feel me with glee..
These are all the little things that make me smile,
This is all the stuff that makes life worthwhile.
Everybody knows the holocaust was a lie,
So let’s sing about the things we like and don’t be shy..

I love the feel of grain,
The screams of a man in pain.
Blood coming down like rain showering me.
That everlasting thrill during the final kill,
Body dumped in a landfill, got off scott free.”

and more things by FilmCow, same dudes that make “Llamas in hats” and “Charlie the unicorn”

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