What have I been up to?

Well, I figured I should write a little post about my time for the past year because I kind of disappeared from the virtual world without a word. But second life seems to always draw me back in.

Well many things played a part in causing me to go poof without a word:

  • My desktop computer had bluescreen issues that were traced to supposedly missing drivers.
  • I had a baby and babies need alot of attention (which I didn't mind, my boy is adorable)
  • My attention span tends to be limited, if I do not login for a while I might simply forget to start logging in again. That's why I like to keep things inter-connected, such as this blog posting to my facebook for me.
  • Baby hated it when I was sitting/standing still for too long, which made using the computer difficult even if baby was wrapped around me snug and cozy so I could use both hands.
  • I was very content with just spending all my attention on the baby, so in the end the computer got disconnected to make space for other things as I re-arranged things around the house
  • I used my husband's computer which he would always have priority over, so my time was limited to when he wasn't home most of the time
  • I was on my mobile phone most of the time

When I suddenly decided to apply for webdesign/development school, I started to think more about computers again, mostly laptops, but I was doing research on what I would need. Good laptops to run the graphics programs I wanted were usually gaming computers which were missing an essential key to coding (at least on a Icelandic keyboard layout) between SHIFT and Z. Ended up just plugging my old desktop computer back in, and realized that husband had actually done a clean install of the OS which apparently cleared out the bluescreen issue, totally forgot he had done that.

So now I have a computer, baby lets me use it (most of the time), and I do not need to share it with my husband. Now I just need to install the programs I wanted to use since this is like a brand new computer since it was whiped clean. I can let skype auto login and what not to keep in contact with people again.