Second Life

I enjoy secondlife alot and keep coming back to it. You should totally throw me a IM if you want to talk to me, meeting new people is always enjoyable, though I cannot promize that I'll be online because I am sometimes away for months at a time.

I do not wear a human avatar on SecondLife, but when you are allowed to be what your heart desires then why would you be? I am a dragon and will always be a dragon, but I am a rather small dragon and do have anthro shapes.

Seawolf Dragons (and gryphons)

  • A place where dragons roam, where you can find one of the best feral dragon avatars on Second Life. They are made of prims but despite that there is nothing that rivals it in detail and ability to customize it. Come and see them in person!
  • The "Seawolf" brand has retired, but it maintains full support under it's new name as "RoarBeast". The name change is due to the creator team splitting up.

Seawolf Dragon Modding Tutorial

  • I really enjoy being a dragon on secondlife and enjoy doing mods. This guide will be useful to anyone who is trying to get into modifying seawolf avatars, but also serves as a tutorial on how to create a "nightfury" dragon.
  • Earlier version of this tutorial can be found floating around SL as a full perm notecard. But resently I decided to have it on my website for easier maintainance but plan to create a new notecard to spread around that will contain the safetypin posestands and link to this page.

Oddity Productions

  • A friend of mine has created such great 3rd party products for the Seawolf avatars that it would be a shame not to make a note of it. His company is called "Oddity Productions" and the dogs in the logo might not make it obvious that most of his products are centered around the seawolf dragons. You will not find any dragon that does not enjoy what his products can give them.
  • He has created a AO for the dragons that brings them the breath of life, the ability to run properly (even a speed enhancer for a more natural speed for the larger dragons), dance with the rhythm, and a nice selection of sit overwrites.
  • A saddle gives you the ability of acrobetic flight, take on passengers and even let them take the reins to control you (it can even be used without any visible saddle, for those who are not keen on being in service of little humanoids) inspired by the flight system of IoW (Isle of Wyrms), so if you're familiar with that then you will feel right at home flying with the acrobatic saddle for seawolf avatars.
  • He also created an item (the "dragonport") that makes the larger dragons interactive in a certain way, juvenilie dragons and humanoids can sit on them. Great for photoshoots and socializing, no need to feel like a great big statue that only seems to be in the way when it comes to gatherings of little critters.


  • Krafties is a interesting game you can play within SL, where you are given a creature and battle against the wild ones. It is totally worth checking out, and the fun thing about it is that you can be a dragon while playing it.
  • I have been a part of Krafties since the first CSR team was assambled, 2013 I believe, and later started working on their wiki. Before I got my hands on their wiki you could count the number of articles in it on one hand (just copies of notecards), but once I was done with it you could actually call it a wiki as it should be. I still play a hand in maintaining it even though the job of keeping the content up to date is mainly in the hands of the players now.