Planning my new desktop computer

I am planning to get a new desktop computer, because this laptop is really getting on in years (Lenovo Yoga 510) that I originally bought when I started school 4 years ago on my path to web development.

It still works fine actually, besides for the random "static tube tv screen" that happens sometimes, learned that it's an issue with the hardware design, the plug connecting the screen to the motherboard is unstable, usually happens when I wake the computer up from sleep, and I sometimes have to login blindly and that change from login to open computer seems to trigger that weird tube screen effect to go away, gets worse over time (harder to get the computer out of that weird tube mode).

Had to have the screen replaced once already, when that tube screen effect wouldn't go away, none of my tricks to trigger the screen to become normal worked anymore.

Shopping list

didn't know they had a price compiler like this at Vaktin, but apparently they do, so here is my build with the parts (some parts selected for equal price as I am going for, since it seems it doesn't have the exact selection of motherboards).

My build at Vaktin

Actual computer planning

let's not get lost in old computers when we're planning a new one. I got my friend grandpa Goldy to help me plan the parts, he's got alot of experience with hardware and Windows machines.

Our limitation in parts is tied to what is locally available, and the site Vaktin does a good job at keeping a good overview of the local stores that sell hardware parts, though that chart does not have the full collections, it does however link to all those stores and gives a rough overview of which stores are cheaper in general.

Often enough if you buy all the parts from the same store, they offer to put it together for you as well.

Hope you all don't mind me using localized placeholders for the part types. Parts are not decided, will probably be looking for cheaper options on some parts, but these are the candidates so far.


Thermal Paste

Kæling fyrir örgjafa

Aflgjafi (Power supply)

Móðurborð (motherboard)+


What and why?
Notes: It's important to note whether you're getting a SATA-based drive or an PCIe, NVMe-based drive. Your motherboard might not have the appropriate M.2 slots for both types, because SATA and NVMe M.2 drives are often keyed slightly differently, and even if it does, you don't want to waste money on a pricier NVMe drive if the motherboard can only access data using the SATA protocol. (from video linked). The PCIe has faster data transfer speed.

Minni (Memory, RAM)

Diskur (Long term storage)

Need to browse some harddrives

Skjákort (Graphicscard)

Turn (Tower)

Lyklaborð (Keyboard)

Stýrikerfi (OS)