New Computer!

Well, not very new, its the older computer because fiancé wanted to build a new fancy high-standards desktop computer now, and for the games he plays and the age of the previous computer, its understandable. And the old computer worked perfectly fine for my standards, and if I'd want to play one or two high graphics games, I'd just snatch the better computer for myself during that, lol. He was amazed that he could have "blur" on his skyrim game, because on the previous computer it was unplayable with blur on (something that is like focus blur).

What pleases me the most about having my own desktop computer again finally, is not having to use the sucky laptop, which could not run two programs at once (a browser and a game together, even secondlife). And being able to auto-login on programs, such as skype and MSN. When you keep swapping computers regularly because of your needs and priorities (I tend to let fiancé play his games), its bothersome having to log the other person out every time because they set auto-login on startup, and you can't always stop it before it logs on.

I'll be able to use photoshop whenever I please, I might get more art out of myself, because needing a reason to justify me taking the better computer is what I always do. Two screens are handy, but my fiancé is more reliant on them than I am. Im fine with single screen, haha.

Now I just have to update and install EVERYTHING... since we formatted it.